Ecobaleno APS is a non profit organization specialized in cultural and environmental issuesitalianoecobaleno

Ecobaleno was founded in Rome (Italy) in 2010 and the main purpose is to improve the quality of citizens’ life through the management and development of environmental and cultural heritage according to the principles of Agenda 21.

Ecobaleno wants to promote and develop education into environmental culture, as well as a cultural and historical memory. In the meantime it promotes and organizes events, fairs, studies, publications, conferences, debates and audio and video material.


Ecobaleno promotes cultural tourism through the creation and management of museums, libraries, information points and by organizing guided tours, travel, holidays having as main objective the promotion and preservation of the environment and cultural heritage.

Our main skills and abilities are as follows:

  • social media management for European projects (national and international);
  • information and communication about waste: “best practices” on waste reduction and reuse and home composting (of organic waste);
  • workshops about nature and environmental issues.

Ecobaleno is particularly interested on participating and developing cultural and environmental projects and programs such us Europe for citizens, Life, Creative Europe, Erasmus +Ecobaleno is involved in the training and professional development of European citizens.

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